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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

'Semi-Permanent Makeup' or as some may say 'Permanent Makeup' has now become one of the most talked about and indeed popular treatments within the beauty/aesthetics industry.

I worked at Harrods for 10 fantastic years and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. As head technician within my field, I had the privilege of meeting and treating people from all walks of life and I have to say 'I feel blessed to have the skills, to do what I do'.
Helping my patients regain there self-esteem after a long journey of recovery from chemo therapy or simply restore lost definition due to hair loss such as alopecia, is truly life transforming. Permanent Makeup is for all who desire to naturally enhance their best features, for women of all ages, whether your 18 years old or 88, Glamour has no age limit!


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